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A DPF service has to do with your diesel particulate filter. Our experienced technicians will be able to provide analysis, diagnosis, and cleaning services. This can have a considerable impact on the performance of your car – and we have experience with a wide array of makes and models.

The last thing that you want is for your diesel particulate filter to be clogged, as it can cause damage to your engine. If you don’t have the DPF service on a regular basis, you may find that you are going to be dealing with more expensive engine repairs in the near future – and this can be avoided simply by bringing your auto into TK Motors on a regular basis.

One of our mechanics will talk to you about what the DPF service entails, and also discuss what the diagnosis resulted in. This will allow you to be in the know about your engine and make more effective decisions when it comes to what repairs and services need to be conducted.

In no time at all, we can have your car fixed up and ready for you to take back onto the road – and you will notice how the engine purrs better than ever.

At DPF Cleaning Services we are proud to continue with our mission to offer great service at an affordable price. If you have been advised to replace your DPF filter, then call us direct! We can clean almost any DPF filter and return it to the vehicle in nearly new condition and prevent the need to fit a replacement filter. The process cost a fraction of the price of a replacement DPF Filter.


You can count on TK Motors to provide you with extensive diagnostics and repairs throughout London. Our competitive rates makes it possible for you to afford the repairs needed to get your car back on the road and with the premium performance that you desire. There’s no reason to drive a car you’re not happy with – and when something is wrong, it’s imperative to bring it in immediately. Our friendly technicians will take good care of you with all that is going on.


  • General Motors
  • Land Rover
  • Lexus
  • Lincoln
  • Mazda
  • Bmw
  • Mercedes - Benz
  • Mercury
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Renault
  • Vw
  • Plymouth
  • Pontiac Porsche
  • Rover
  • Saab
  • Saleen
  • Ford
  • Mobile services – Our mobile services are designed to save you time and provide convenience.
    We will send a technician out to run the diagnostics and perform the repair.
  • Extensive diagnostics – Learn all about what is going on with your car with our state of the art diagnostic equipment so you never have to worry about mechanics guessing at what’s going on.
  • Mechanical repairs – Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians are capable of working on your car to handle any mechanical issues that may be going on, whether it’s the engine, transmission, or something else.
  • Competitive pricing – We have competitive pricing to help you afford the repairs.
    This ensures you’re never charged more than necessary, and we have the competition beat on costs.
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